Eye Passport is certificate of vision and eye health. A document that contains all the information of your eye health and any pathologies that you may have. The information can be changed or according adjustments can be made if any new findings become relevant. Your visual ID is always with you containing all the necessary information which can be used at any time any place.

We will provide you with Eye Passport of your choice:

  1. on a memory stick,
  2. a physical copy on special paper,
  3. both of the above. We recommend that you keep your visual ID updated regularly so it contains the most relevant information.

Initially our optometrist will make the first entry to your visual ID. They will enter details in regards to your acuity, recommendations and any prescriptions if necessary. During your visit to the ophthalmologist your eyes will be thoroughly examined and all findings will be documented. Your visual ID will also include a 3D image of your eyes, the ophthalmologists’ recommendations, prophylactics, treatment, prognosis and advice to your family members. The advice is especially important with congenital pathologies (e.g. glaucoma) to prevent them or help early diagnosis and treatment.