Ophthalmologist appointment70 €
Ophthalmologist appointment for children, (please note, that the appointment can take up to one hour)
50 €
Spectralis Multicolor30 €
Computer perimetry30 €
Spectralis examination (OCT, HRT,Pachymetry, Multicolor, ACC)90 €
Spectralis OCT30 €
Spectralis HRT30 €
Spectralis Pachymetry30 €
Spectralis Multicolor30 €
Spectralis ACC20 €
Spectralis OCT- Angiography (no fluorescein)60 €
Spectralis HRT- neurological test40 €
Lacrimal Duct Probing and Irrigation (one eye)30 €
Kenalog50 €
Peribulbar and subconjunctival eye injections15 €
Fundus photography30 €

All other procedures and analysis at additional cost