Spectralis- Multi Modality Diagnostic Imaging of the Eye®

For medical examinations we use the SPECTRALIS Multi- Modality Diagnostic Imaging of the Eye (HEIDELBERG ENGINEERING SPECTRALIS http://www.heidelbergengineering.com/international/) which is currently the only one in Estonia.

This is a top of the line medical device that enables us to photograph and examine your eyes with extreme precision and speed. We will be able to detect even minor changes in different layers of the eye.

  • The top layers- cornea, iris, the white of the eye and conjunctiva
  • The deep layers of the eye- retina and choroid
  • In order to diagnose glaucoma early

Spectralis® gives us the opportunity to observe various layers of the eye without having to dilate your pupils which is extremely important among the following patient groups:

  • Diabetics
  • Patients with glaucoma
  • Children
  • Elderly patients

The laser used in this machine is very effective due to its very concentrated spectrum of light (prior a less functional wide spectrum of light was used). Thanks to this technology the flashing light disturbs the patient considerably less. Spectralis® is equipped with ground breaking technology called Blue Laser

Advantages of coherence tomography aka OCT- examination

  1. Speed- one examination only takes about 5 minutes
  2. Non-invasive- no dye has to be used
  3. High resolution- this method has a sensitivity of about 2 microns
  4. The macula and the optic nerve can be photographed simultaneously
  5. Pupils do not have to be dilated for this procedure
  6. The examination does not temporarily impair your vision, the flashing light is less disturbing
  7. BluePeak a revolutionary method of viewing the retina will help determine the right intervention
  8. Additional examination for people with multiple sclerosis
  9. The examination can be repeated after a timeframe to determine the course of the pathology
  10. The results can be saved and sent to other medical institutions